The Country Club of Mobile was organized in 1897 before the turn of the century, and incorporated on March 1, 1899, along the old Bay Shell Road, which ran along Mobile Bay, and just north of the Brookley Coast Guard Base. The original Clubhouse was very modest and was more of an area where members would gather prior to playing a round of golf. At that location, the Club was damaged severely during the hurricane of 1906. Once this happened, the Board began immediate plans for a future Clubhouse.

During the latter part of 1914, the Club moved to its present location in Spring Hill.  Originally, the only facilities were a caddie house and dressing rooms.  Plans were developed to build a Clubhouse on the site. The Clubhouse, a magnificent three-story structure, resembled a country home and was designed to represent a real Southern spirit and be in harmony with its surroundings of sweeping hills and pines. 

The structure was dedicated and formally opened on March 3, 1917. This Clubhouse was the “Pride of the South” and was one of the finest Clubhouses in the country.  In fact, it would still rival many clubhouses in our country today.

During the early morning hours of December 29, 1925, fire swept through the main clubhouse building, resulting in total loss of the facility, as well as the lives of the Club manager, the golf professional and his wife.  Immediately, plans were put in motion to build a new clubhouse on the same site.

The present Clubhouse, although undergoing a number of additions and remodeling, was completed in early 1927. The most recent remodeling was performed in 1993, which brought it up to date with the latest in technology, to include a state-of-the-art kitchen, which will rival any kitchen in any country club even today. The Country Club of Mobile is one of the finest country clubs in the region, if not the country.  Our Club is renowned for excellent food, warm gracious atmosphere, and friendly service. The Club has earned this reputation over its long history, and maintains it during the present.