Can anyone be a member of the club?
We are a 'By invitation only club', therefore a current member of the club must contact the membership office to request an application for you.  The application packet must be picked up by an existing member only.   Once this has taken place, the applicant must be sponsored by two current members. The Membership Committee will review all applications for approval.

What advantage is there to joining the club?
It depends on how you plan to use the Club. Some of our members use the Club for the amenities, business meetings, lunch and dinner or entertaining guest and clients. Others are interested solely in expanding their social network, meeting new people and enjoying everything our fine facilities has to offer.  Still others visit us only for family holidays, such as Mother's Day, Thanksgiving, etc., and take advantage of our special events throughout the year.

Can a list of current members be obtained?
In the interest of our Members' privacy, we do not distribute membership lists to non-members or members.

Can my guests pay for their own food and beverages?
As a private member club, which is not open to the public, we do not accept cash. Our status as a 501(c) 7 not-for-profit social club specifically precludes us from dealing with the general public. All club charges must be charged to the Member Account, or, in the case of Reciprocal Club Members, can be charged back to their home club, depending on our prior written arrangement with their home club.